Adventures of John Wooten, World’s Strongest Man, Master of Masters


Congratulations to John Wooten on his latest release. Click here to view the book on Amazon.

From the back cover:

Adventures of John Wooten World’s Strongest Man, Master of Masters is a collection of ten short stories including my autobiography, which introduces the reader to my career and adventures. The collection begins with young John’s introduction to Kung Fu; each story is a different adventure.

In my stories, the World’s Strongest Man is presented as a superhero figure who does whatever he can to help all of humankind, to prevent evil and promote good works.

I would like to share my experiences and life lessons with children, teens, and adults everywhere, to show them that they can accomplish anything with perseverance and fortitude. I hope to entertain as well as show that the possibilities are endless.

As the Worlds Strongest Man, I am the holder of 143 strength records. See my feats of strength on YouTube, under Strongman John Wooten.

View the book trailer below!

New Release: Book Launch Marketing

book launch and workbook

Coming October 4, 2015. 

For more information, visit author Theodore Roach’s website.

Sell more books! Become a bestseller!

Book Launch Marketing is designed to provide authors the structure and insight needed to develop sales strategies for increasing exposure throughout all stages of publishing.

Gain insight to common marketing strategies used by many bestselling authors. Take your book to the next level and become the author everyone wants to be.

This book will only be listed at this price for a very short time. Grab your copy before the price goes up!

This book will go over:

  • Preparing your book for publishing
  • How to create author profiles
  • Examples of marketing strategies
  • Inside Tips to prepare you for success
  • Free templates and workbook to guide you to successful marketing

Download your copy of the book today and be part of the bestselling authors that make passive income while others sell 1 or 2 books a month.

Don’t be the writer that misses out on the opportunity to spend more time writing and less time marketing while sales increase. Be the kind of writer other people see and say, “I don’t know how they do it!” Be the kind of writer who takes immediate action and drives for results instead of waiting for something to happen.

The marketing and sales strategies you are about to read have been proven to give immediate and long-term results in book sales. Each chapter will provide insight to the publishing, marketing, and sales processes that will allow you to become a bestselling author.

Take control of your book sales now, make a plan, and enjoy watching your book climb the charts to number one!

Pre-order Book Launch Marketing on Amazon. Kindle: Only 99 cents!

The Book of Six Tenets: Martial Arts and Life

BookofSixTenets_Promo_Fotor2Next month, Limitless Publishing will be re-releasing Isaiah Gathings’s The Book of Six Tenets: Martial Arts and Life. From the back cover:

The Book Of Six Tenets: Martial Arts & Life shares traditional martial arts principles with readers and helps to provide you with a better understanding of how these tenets can be applied to your everyday life. This book will help readers gain a better understanding of self, which will ultimately lead to reduced stress and anxiety in their daily lives.

Layered with knowledge and insight, the author shares his own unique personal experiences, providing you with knowledge of the tenets’ practical use and application.

In this book you will learn:

  • Patience with yourself as well as others
  • The importance of being humble
  • Integrity
  • How to master self-control
  • The importance of never giving up
  • How important it is to possess the “Warrior Spirit”

Whether your goals are found in the business-world, sports, or other paths, The Book of Six Tenets is for you. Anyone can reach deep within themselves to draw on their inner power and achieve mastery in life and the six tenets can show you how.

Preserving the Loxahatchee Battlefield

GunsAcressLoxWhen I first met the author of Guns Across the Loxahatchee, Richard Procyk, I never thought I would have the honor of working with him.

Currently, I am pleased to say the book will soon be available via Kindle for instant download. This is something I have been working hard on for quite some time, as an active volunteer with the Loxahatchee Battlefield Preservationists. Soon, this valuable information about an important part of American history will be available at the click of a button.

For now, check out this fantastic interview with the author on YouTube.

New Release from the World’s Strongest Man

Miracle FighterI am proud to announce the release of a fun, exciting novel written by “World’s Strongest Man” John Wooten.

Check out Miracle Fighter— a story of love, faith, and family —on Amazon. The book also features the art of cartoonist Dick Kulpa.

John has added writing to his many feats of strength.

John Wooten holds 143 world records as the “World’s Strongest Man.” He has pulled a train, lifted an elephant, and lain on a bed of nails while two men with sledgehammers demolished concrete blocks on his chest. In addition to his feats of strength, Mr. Wooten is an actor, producer, screenplay writer, jujutsu grandmaster, and judo professor, and has earned black belts in aikido and karate.

Congratulations to my dear friend and client, the World’s Strongest Man, on his new release.

The origin of the word “Freelance”

Word CatcherI come from a long line of mercenaries. Medieval mercenaries, to be exact.

Free-lancers were once free-companions who pledged “their loyalties and their lancers to whomever they pleased.” And yes, free-lancers charged even then. Free meant they had the free will to work for whomever they wanted to work for. It didn’t mean their services were free.

I love reading about the origins of words, and this lovely little book, Word Catcher, by Phil Cousineau, provides fascinating tidbits on every page. One of my favorite things about this book is that it is like a little dictionary. I can pop it open to any page at all, and learn something new.

For now, I have a lot of freelancing work to catch up on.


Freelancers: How much money are you REALLY making?

When I began relying on editing and writing to pay all my bills instead of just some of them, it became increasingly important to get a better handle on what I was making per hour. If you’re a freelancer, or even an editorial freelancer like me, you should really know how much you’re making per hour. If you don’t, that means a part of your finances is a mystery, and this can be dangerous to your wallet.

Getting paid per hour is great, but not all of my clients pay me that way. So, when you’re charging a flat fee for a project, how do you know what you’re really making?

Office Time became a valuable tool for me, recommended by fellow EFA members. I time my work even if I’m not being paid hourly. Office Time allows you to time your work easily and efficiently, and it gives you the option of inputting how much you make per hour—if you’re getting paid hourly. If you’re not, and you’re being paid a flat fee for a project, this program can help newbie freelancers gauge how much they’re really making per hour.

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 3.53.17 PM

Office Time for Mac. Also available for other platforms.

There are other great programs for tracking your time as well. I love Office Time. Having to tell a client how much you will charge on a given project can be nerve-wracking, and tests your faith in yourself and your own abilities.

There comes a time when you have to acknowledge you deserve to be paid for your skills, especially if you’re relying on them to pay the bills. Are you good at what you do? If the answer is yes, the time is now.

A great tool for freelancers: Office Time

Note: I did not receive any compensation for this, I just wanted to offer my honest opinion of this program.