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Rosa is the author of two Mystery novels: Taking 1960 and Check Out Time. She has edited for various magazines, including the Bucks County Writer, Wild River Review, and Pagan Writers Community. Currently, she edits for Oaklight Publishing and Pagan Writers Press. Rosa provides honest feedback and editing for authors and organizations. Visit her website for more information: http://www.rosasophia.com

Results: Writing for Publication Workshop

The workshop I led at the North Palm Beach Library was a great success. On the first day, we had six people, which was nice because everyone got a chance to share their work. Over eleven people showed up on the second day, and we all learned a lot. In the future, I’ll be planning workshops that focus on various stages of writing and publishing, such as penning your own blurb and synopsis, as well as working to market your work after its been published. Stay tuned.

Writers gather for the first day of the workshop.

Writers gather for the first day of the workshop.

Workshop: Writing for publication

writing for publication flier


I am so excited about this workshop! I look forward to sharing what I know with fellow writers. We all have a lot to learn, including me. It’ll be a great experience. Be there or be square!

My books at New Earth Gifts and Beads

I went to my favorite little shop in Palm Beach Gardens the other day, and was happy to learn they’d sold two more copies of Taking 1960. They also mentioned a number of people had picked up my business card. Always good news!

Soon, they’ll have Check Out Time available for purchase as well. Unfortunately, not in time for Christmas. If you live in the area, check it out. New Earth Gifts and Beads is located in the Legacy Place plaza in Palm Beach Gardens, across from Barnes & Noble, and next to Vitamin Shoppe.

new earth gifts

The little editor that could

I’m happy to say that I’ve taken a leap and submitted some poems to a magazine. I’ve also made a spreadsheet to keep track of my submissions, and I intend to fill it. The blank page gives me incentive. While I absolutely adore helping others with their writing, I must also give myself a swift kick in the butt now and then, and try to get more of my own work out there.

After my day job at the library, I tied up a couple things, and worked on a rather involved editing project for a while. I’m finishing up for the day, and looking forward to a nice, restful sleep.

For now, click here to check out the Backwords Writer, my personal blog about poetry, writing, and life. I’d appreciate if you follow me there as well. I’ve been creatively inspired lately, and it’s making every day brighter!

I hope everyone had a lovely day. Enjoy your night, and have a pleasant tomorrow.

The Backwords Writer without my name

Feeling rejuvenated

Last week, I had a dream about someone I’d never met. The very next day, I met the person in real life. My dreams have been very powerful, prophetic, and telling lately, providing insight, ideas for stories, and even brief escapes from reality. The nightmares haven’t ended, of course, but I’m grateful for even a short reprieve from those.

I’m filled with creative energy, bursting at the seams, and when I was able to change my perspective about the novel I’m currently working on, a few pieces fell into place, and I realized where I’d gone wrong. I ended up deleting at least three chapters, and removing the entire first section.

As I drove home in the pouring rain, I felt as if my father was sitting in the seat behind me, guiding me.

And I began a steady mantra to myself, a soft whisper in the back of my mind:

I will get an agent. I will sell a book to a big publisher. I will do it.

Because half the battle is the mindset. I’ve known this for many years, but it’s taken all that time to break out of the mold created for me when I was little, to shed the negative thinking I was brought up with.

I see where I made my mistake. I made my mistake when I believed the Voices I heard as a child, the ones that said I would never succeed. I made my mistake when I believed the people who scoffed at my dreams, crushing them like smoldering cigarette butts under their shoes. I see where I made my mistake.

Now I’m going to correct it.

New York Times Best Seller list, here I come.

Two Oceans

Two Oceans

Loxahatchee Battlefield Park, a magical place

As I was handing out brochures at the welcoming tent during today’s Fall Muster with the Loxahatchee Battlefield Preservationists, I heard the distinct sound of someone walking up the drive behind me. I turned to hand them a flyer and started to open my mouth to speak, but then I realized no one was there.

Battlefield reenactment at Loxahatchee Battlefield Park, Fall Muster, November 16,  2013

Battlefield reenactment at Loxahatchee Battlefield Park, Fall Muster, November 16, 2013

Loxahatchee Battlefield Park is a truly magical place. When I’m there alone, I feel as if I’m being watched, especially when I visit the Tree of Tears, where injured and dying soldiers laid to rest under the shade during the Second Seminole War.

I’m proud to be a member of the Loxahatchee Battlefield Preservationists, a group that has worked tirelessly to preserve the battlefield in Jupiter, protecting it from developers and others who would destroy it for their own monetary gain.

If you find yourself in south Florida, remember to check out local history. Despite what you’ve been taught in school, there’s so much going on here. There’s a rich history hidden behind Florida’s tourism, and it’s important to spread awareness of this.

Share this post, get the word out, and come see for yourself!

Rosa Sophia on the far right, working with the ladies at the welcoming tent at the Fall Muster, November 16, 2013.

Rosa Sophia on the far right, working with the ladies at the welcoming tent at the Fall Muster, November 16, 2013.

Write what scares you

At a support group meeting this evening, I discussed my childhood fantasies with complete strangers. It was both terrifying, and relieving. I told them I couldn’t remember much of my childhood, because I spent most of the time escaping into worlds of my own creation. I knew I was being bullied, I knew I was miserable. So I made a decision.

I just won’t be here. I will be somewhere else.

Rosa Sophia in 1991

Rosa Sophia in 1991

I became quite good at leaving my body and drifting away into a story. It was a ritual. I would arrive at school, go through the motions, sit at my desk– and then depart.

A good friend of mine often mentions people we went to school with, but I never remember any of them, and if I do it’s like a shadow, a distant familiarity I can’t put my finger on. But I remember the stories I told myself. I remember those very well.

In every story, it was dark. I would walk through my house and realize my mother and brother were gone. They had been kidnapped by malevolent entities, bent on murdering them and coming for me next. Because I was such a brave girl, I would leave the house to save them, heading straight for an abandoned mansion on a hill, knowing my family was trapped there, and it was only a matter of time before I lost them. Deftly, I would sneak into the derelict building, destroy the enemy, and rescue my family. At the same time, I would inadvertently free the ghost of a boy who’d been imprisoned there for many years, and he would fall in love with me. Meanwhile, my mother and brother would gush over me, telling me how wonderful I was, and how grateful they were that I’d saved their lives.

My brother Miles and I in June, 1991.

My brother Miles and I in June, 1991.

I was reading a book the other day that recommended write what scares you the most. I told the group I’ve been trying to do just that, but something is eluding me. I’m on page 225 of a novel unlike anything I’ve ever written, and much of the topic frightens me. The story involves alcoholism, love, betrayal, and coping with psychological problems rooted in childhood. I spend a lot of time crying when I’m writing this book.

But there’s something in there I can’t quite grasp. Maybe it’s hidden in the shadows in that derelict mansion, or perhaps those amorphous entities are keeping the secret from me. And so I endeavor to write what scares me the most, because I figure it’s not only a way to write a darned good story, but it’s also a way for me to escape the shackles that bind me.

What scares you the most? How do you incorporate it into your writing?

Sometimes I’m too afraid of what other people will think to write what truly frightens me and expose it to the masses.

How about you? 

All in a day’s work

I’ve been terrifically busy, which accounts for the lack of posts. My apologies! I’m so grateful to all of you who follow my blog, and I want to take a moment just to tell you how much I appreciate you.

I’ve been working hard on a number of projects, and I’m currently editing a very enjoyable Romance novel. I look forward to posting about it when it’s released, but I think I’ll save that for publication day! Other editing projects include some short stories and novels. I truly love my work, as the projects I’ve been involved in have been very rewarding.

I’m also writing my own novel, and I’m quite excited about that, while planning a non-fiction book about Florida history. I have a lot on my plate!

This past Monday was Veterans Day, and I helped honor our veterans at the new Veterans Memorial Park in North Palm Beach. As Village Historian, I put together some photo slides for residents to enjoy, and all in all it was a very productive day.

And this coming Saturday, I’ll be volunteering at the Fall Muster for the Loxahatchee Battlefield Preservationists, to raise awareness about the battlefield in Jupiter, Florida. If you live in the area, I hope you’ll attend! The day begins at nine, and ends at three.

As a thank you to all of my wonderful clients, I’d like to offer a special rate, this weekend only, through Monday the eighteenth. Usually, I charge $20.00 to edit a blurb for the back cover of your book. Today through Monday, I’ll offer a $5.00 discount. Need help writing a blurb? Contact me at author.rosa.sophia@gmail.com for the one-time special rate of $15.00.

I hope to hear from you soon, and many thanks to you for visiting my website. Have a wonderful, productive day– and remember to get some writing done! After all, it is National Novel Writing Month.

Learning to live with trigeminal neuralgia

For the past month, I’ve been unable to do much. I force myself to go to work, but when I’m home I’m either exhausted, trying to sleep, unable to sleep, or worse, in pain. I was just diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia, a condition that causes severe, unimaginable pain in the face. I have had this pain since childhood without knowing what it was. I am not writing this post for sympathy, nor to complain about my condition, but I am writing it for other TN sufferers, as well as anyone who knows little about this dis-ease.

If you have never heard of TN, I encourage you to read about it. Check out the links at the end of this post. Spreading awareness is a key step in finding better ways to treat TN.

Although you can read a lot about TN on the internet, it is often misdiagnosed. There are lots of doctors who have never had to deal with it, and treatments currently consist of medications that may or may not work. There are surgeries, but they have to find the source of the problem first– where the trigeminal nerve is being compressed –before they can operate. Sometimes the cause of TN is never found, and the operations aren’t always successful. I have to have hope and faith, even though this situation makes it difficult.

I am on medication that hasn’t kicked in yet. I had deadlines this month that had to be postponed. I have the most wonderful clients, writers who are understanding and compassionate. I am so grateful to you all! 

I am hoping that I will enter remission soon, which is a period of time during which I will have no pain. My severe pain this month was due to my flare-up. Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell how long a flare-up will last, or how long a remission will last. I will simply have to find a way to cope, and to build my editing business despite this condition.

It hurts to talk or move my face, but this morning I recited the Serenity Prayer in my head while I sat with a hot towel over my face. I had mild TN pain this morning. To give you an idea of what that feels like, mild TN pain has been compared to the pain you’d feel with a severe headache. There are many things in life to be grateful for, despite the pain. Most of all, I’m grateful I finally know what is causing my pain, and I am taking steps to treat it.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

More information on trigeminal neuralgia

Trigeminal Neuralgia Wikipedia: Learn about TN.

End Trigeminal Neuralgia: Facebook page dedicated to finding a cure for TN.

The Facial Pain Association: Support for sufferers of different types of facial pain.