I recently worked with Rosa on a project I was assisting my father with, a dieting book he wrote. Rosa is an absolute pleasure to work with. She’s intelligent, reliable, and seems to have memorized the entire Chicago Manual of Style. I highly recommend her for any of your copyediting/proofreading needs. –Mike Scotti, author of The Blue Cascade: A Memoir of Life after War

When Rosa returned my manuscript, I was most impressed with her suggestions and changes; she had improved it to a point where the writing was sharper and smoother. I was able to send my book to a publisher confident it was as polished as it could be. Rosa Sophia’s professionalism, honesty, and editing skills are highly recommendable. –Matina Nicholas, author of Affair in Athens

Rosa was extremely professional, but also friendly and fun to work with. She did such a great job editing, that I had her edit another novel for me. Rosa did an excellent job polishing up both books. She works hard and is always willing to work out a fair rate. I am looking forward to working with her again in few months when my next book is ready. In fact, I never want to work with anyone else! –Laura DeLuca, author of young adult novel Player

Rosa is an excellent editor. She works hard and catches errors that I miss all the time. Rosy has kept me out of trouble on more than one occasion, and not just by proofing, but with content, style, and even the direction of my work. Her rates are fair and I am happy to recommend her as an editor. –Matt Vossler, author & CEO of Oaklight Publishing

Rosa has an excellent work ethic and wonderful ideas. She keeps to the schedule, frequently delivering early. She definitely has an eye for editing and makes wonderful suggestions on how to make your writing better. I look forward to working with Rosa more and recommend her highly to anyone looking for an editor! –Angelique Mroczka, writer and founder of the Pagan Writers Community and Pagan Writers Press