A clean slate

It’s getting late and I am quite hungry — trying to decide whether I should eat real food or ice cream — but I will not be satisfied until I have succeeded in making this look like a website.  Some of you may have been familiar with my previous author website, Rose Writes.  I have decided to combine that website with my freelance editing website.  (After all, how many dern websites does a gal need?)

Having been happy with WordPress in the past, I think I’m here to stay.  Therefore, welcome to my new website, where you will find updates on my work, published and otherwise.

As we grow closer to my next publication date, I will be updating more frequently.  In the meantime, always keep an eye on my regular blog, also called Rose Writes —

How confusing! I am still amazed that I had two websites with the same title.  I don’t know how I managed that, but I am glad I have remedied it.

How many of you have read Taking 1960? Did you enjoy it? Please post a comment and let me know what you thought! Also, please leave a comment if you have any suggestions about things I should add to make this website a little more lively.

Thank you all, and good night!


2 Replies to “A clean slate”

  1. such an introspective and angst’d entity you are there sophia ! 🙂
    just stumbled across you in Witchvox under North Palm Beach –was a bit stunned there was even an ENTRY for NPB …………………… !

    I’m an old fart —been in the Craft over 20 yrs. —wrote for many pagan periodicals earlier then got jaded/disillusioned and hermetic …………………

    stick to myself and my gorgeous black cat SPOOKY lately —-

    i’m tristanwitch on yahoo.

    on facebook also ….. Chuck sheehan

    1. Hi, Chuck,
      I am the Village Historian for North Palm Beach, and I have lived here for almost two years. As such, I try to keep my spiritual and religious beliefs out of the work place, simply because this area is so conservative. Nice to meet you!! If you haven’t seen the North Palm Beach and South Florida history blog that I write, check it out at …. http://npbhistory.wordpress.com … Ironically, I also have a cat named Spooky. What a small world. 🙂 Thanks for messaging me!

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