The versatile blogger award

I have been honored by Kate Policani, who has dubbed me a versatile blogger! Thanks, Kate! This award is given to bloggers, by bloggers.

Here are the rules:

Thank the award giver and link them in your post.
Share seven things about yourself.
Pass this award along to recently discovered blogs that you enjoy reading.
Contact your chosen bloggers, let them know, and post the award picture.

Here are seven things about me:

1. Despite the fact that I love the smell of engine grease in the morning, and I feel there is nothing better than rolling around in the dirt under a car, I have one secret desire: I have always wanted to dress up like Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady and learn how to ball room dance.

2. I cannot stand the sound of something wobbling.  For example, a table with one leg that is too short and moves every time you lean on it, or a tea kettle that you place on the stove and it moves slightly because the stove is cock-eyed.  Anything that wobbles is liable to drive me insane.

3. Whenever I go to a new place that has sand (the desert, or a different beach) I take my shoes off and take a photo of my feet in the sand.  It’s an odd trademark I have for saying, “Look! I was there!”

4. Every day, I grapple with the question: “Am I really screwed up, or do I just think I’m really screwed up, and I’m actually fine, and do I need to see a therapist, or is that just a waste of money?”

5. I have good luck charms that stay in my car and I feel uncomfortable without them.  These include a piece of fringe from my old job laying out draperies, and a lucky gasket from my old exhaust pipe that I replaced.

6. I have always struggled with some form of depression.

7. I haven’t written a substantial amount in a very long time, and this makes me sad.

Here are my chosen bloggers:

The Chalk Outline — Mystery Writer Jeff Markowitz
Laura DeLuca — Young Adult Author
Matina Nicholas — Author of Affair in Athens
Shining Garnet on Xanga
Solarhead on Xanga
J.Solberg on Xanga

I don’t know many, but they are all good! Check them out.


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