Getting Good, Getting Great!

We have some great books lined up at Oaklight Publishing! Getting Good, Getting Great: What the Best Players Know, by Stan Munslow, has just been released.  I love music, and musicians are some of my favorite kinds of people, so naturally, I’m excited about this one!

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Do you want to be a great musician?

Do you want to have not only the talent that you’re already working hard to develop, but also the knowledge, confidence, and winner’s attitude you need to attain any musical goal you wish? Do you want to know what the great musicians know? Their practice secrets, their inside knowledge, their success strategies? Do you want to have what they have? Their passion, their wisdom, their ability to move an audience? And wouldn’t it be great to learn their “tricks of the trade” without having to spend years learning them the hard way?

Getting Good, Getting Great: What the Best Players Know is a book of wisdom, tips, inspiration, and practical advice for all musicians, no matter what instrument or style of music you play or what level you’re at.

Inside, you’ll learn trade secrets like these:

How to play with great timing
The secrets of overcoming stage-fright
How to get more practicing done in less time
How to play faster . . . and when not to
How to get the best deals at music stores
How to give your music a winning personality
The recipe for great tone
The two sides to every successful audition
How to get gigs and more gigs
What audiences like and don’t like
How to break free from a musical slump
How the world’s best musicians get that way
How to cultivate stage-presence
How to develop originality
How to visualize your way to success
How to learn songs by ear
Music theory no musician can get by without
And much more!

Here’s what others are saying about Getting Good, Getting Great:

Enough to keep you playing and growing for a long time.” –Bill Harley, Grammy-winning songwriter

Well-balanced and fun.” –Joseph Auger, Producer, QORQ Productions

Should be required reading for everyone involved in music.” –Dr. Anthony Torelli, Conductor

This book has saved me years of struggle.” –Scott Ashey, Guitarist, Ohio


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