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Do you own a blog? Are you an author? I would be happy to exchange links with you.  Visit my blog roll for information, or my Author Links page.  I do ask that you reciprocate by linking back to this website.  You can use either a text link or my blog button.  Feel free to comment on this post, or email me, if you are interested.

Check out At the Quill’s Mercy, Imprimatur: What a neat blog, written by a Pagan librarian!

New! I will be featuring authors and blogs as I add them to the lists.  Check back for new and exciting additions!

I have recently added Neal Jansons to my Author Links page.

Neal’s fiction has appeared in the Lovecraft eZine and has been used as the basis for the upcoming online game Ghostees!, published by BakedOn Entertainment. His non-fiction work has appeared on Technorati and has previously been published in “Thinking Critically” (10th ed.), published by Wadsworth Publishing and Cengage Learning, Inc./Nelson Education Ltd., and in “Critical Thinking, Thoughtful Writing” (5th ed.), also published by Wadsworth Publishing and Cengage Learning, Inc./Nelson Education Ltd. He has been interviewed by Mashable, and maintains a strong social media presence online.


3 thoughts on “New! Blog Roll, Author Links, and Features

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Rose.

    The drawing actually has a story behind it, and an explanation of why I use that picture of me so often…an ex-girlfriend and present good friend drew that for me when were still dating, back in the hoary old late 90s. We were just hanging out in a coffee shop in Santa Cruz, while she drew and I wrote, and once she finished it she gave it to me.

    Many years later, I found it and, due to an intuition, took that photograph and posted it to Facebook and Flickr. She then sent me a message about how much of a synchronicity it was and how grateful it made her. Apparently, she had recently had a bad breakup which, together with various aspects of her life which made her unhappy, led to her feeling depressed and questioning a lot of aspects of her life. Typical existential crisis and Saturn Return sort of thing and, though common, still heartbreaking. So in the midst of this crisis, she saw this pic and it reminded her of who she was, what had once been important to her, and showed her who she could be in the future. It acted as a catalyst for a series of changes she made in her life, as well, which led to a much happier and fulfilled existence thereafter.

    I thought that was such a powerful thing for a photograph to do, so decided that I would start using it as my standard online avatar and author biography pic. I think it was a good choice.

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