Editing Services: A Free Sample of my Work

Are you considering hiring an editor, but you aren’t sure what to do or who to hire? It is a difficult decision, because you want to make sure that you are getting the most for your money.

I will review and edit the first ten pages of your work for FREE, so that you can see  how I edit.  I feel that this is a service that any good editor should offer.  After all, the writer must have confidence that they have hired someone who can really help them to improve their book.

In addition, I also edit shorter stories and articles for a small fee.  If you are interested, please email me at: author.rosa.sophia@gmail.com

Or, you can comment on this post.

For more information about my affordable editing services, click here.

Rosa did an excellent job polishing up both of my books. She works hard and is always willing to work out a fair rate. I am looking forward to working with her again in  few months when my next book is ready. In fact, I never want to work with anyone else!” — Laura DeLuca, YA author of Destiny and Phantom


5 thoughts on “Editing Services: A Free Sample of my Work

  1. its all on my blog. i use it to file away my work. i am new to writing but since starting it has been magical. all the work is up on my blog–it forces me to settle for some form of final that wat way. i would love to know what an editor thinks.

    • Hi! Sorry for the late reply. Do you mean to say that a novel that you are currently writing is posted on your blog? If so, this isn’t a good idea. First of all, if it is not a completed work, you’re sitting in a grey area as far as copyright goes. Secondly, if you want to eventually get it published, publishers do not look fondly on work that has already been published. If you went to a traditional publisher, they would want to release your work as something unique, something that hasn’t been seen anywhere else. If you’re posting it on your blog, you are making it less attractive to publishers. I haven’t gotten a chance to look at your blog yet, but I do encourage you to email me, as it is easier for me to critique your work via email.

    • Hello, again! I just wanted to let you know that I have taken a look at your website, but I haven’t had much time to read anything. I didn’t want you to think I had ignored you. It does look like good stuff, from what I’ve seen, but I haven’t read anything in-depth. Just wanted to let you know! Hopefully I can find time to read some of your stuff in the near future. I’ve “followed” you. 🙂 Take care.

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