All in a day’s work

I work at a library during the day, and when I get home, I try to go for a walk around sunny North Palm Beach.  Then I eat, have a cup of tea, and settle down to edit.  Some days are more difficult than others.  For example, there are some evenings that a certain furry friend of mine feels that I am not paying enough attention to her.

That’s Petunia.  She thinks that editing is a waste of time, and that I should be petting her and playing with her.  Her favorite game is “fetch”.  I throw a little toy mouse, and she fetches it, and brings it back to me.

“What are you doing? You should be petting me instead!”

I have done all of the editing that I needed to do tonight, so perhaps I will go play with Petunia.  Or maybe I will be scolding her instead, because she loves to scratch things and tear furniture apart.  Well, I suppose I have my job, and she has hers . . . .


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