Spring in south Florida

I got confused last week and couldn’t remember whether it was spring, summer, or winter.  But it is springtime, and even springtime in Florida has its noticeable differences from the rest of the year.  I begin to hear different bird calls around this month, the time of Ostara, and there are other sounds in the air that don’t seem common to other times of the year.

I open my window.  “It’s gettin’ warm outside!” the year-rounders croon, shedding the sweaters that they wore during a previous week, when it was a bone-chilling seventy degrees.

At night, I realize that I’m using less and less blankets, and the breeze is more refreshing than it is chilly.

The American White Ibis are breeding.  They run around in the lawns, pecking at the grass, craning their long white necks as they search for food.  Their babies are darker in color, brown and sometimes spotted.  They are so beautiful to watch! They scatter when I drive past in my car.

I ride my bike to work, and I’m actually sweating.  There’s something in the air– something not entirely discernible– and it feels good.

After work, I ride my bike to the park, and I sit on the dock overlooking the water of the Intracoastal.  The palm trees waver in the warm wind, and boaters drift by, some playing loud music, and others wielding fishing poles.

Yes, I’m in a location that is mostly warm year-round.  Yet, there are definite changes that mark the approach of spring, and I can feel it.  I revel in the smells, the way the sunlight plays on the water, and the way I feel as I glide down the street on my bicycle.

Spring has arrived!


5 Replies to “Spring in south Florida”

  1. Oh, so delightful peek to Floridan spring 🙂 Thank you for sharing it 🙂
    I never knew there are seasons in Florida, but I’m Finnish so the seasons are so very clearly different from each other here 🙂

  2. I am right there with you. I’m in Central Florida and have been confused all week. I could swear we’ve skipped spring and went straight into summer… but you are so right. There are little things that hint at springtime, and once you’re more open to them and have been around the wheel once or twice in Florida, you start to pick up on them. Great post! Thanks!

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