Betty Tales

Today, I would like to extend a warm welcome to Ruth Hartman Berge, author of Betty Tales: The True Story of a Brave Bobblehead Cat.

This is a wonderful book written for the third-grade reading level. When I first saw it, my initial question was, “What in the world is a bobblehead cat?” If you’re asking yourself the same question, click here to learn more about bobblehead cats.

Here’s the blurb from the book:

Betty Tales: The True Story of a Brave Bobblehead Cat is a sweet and funny story of a little black cat who became a member of our family. Written for third-grade reading level, the book is full of the heart-warming silly tales of Betty’s mischief that help teach children about disabilities. It’s not only pets that can be disabled and everyone can learn to “Climb Those Stairs!” from this determined cat.

Ruth Hartman Berge is a Florida native who enjoys writing about Florida history. Ruth grew up wanting to write stories, but only began taking herself seriously in 2009, years after graduating from Florida State University. Since then, she has become a columnist for Seabreeze Publications, Inc. where her column, “The Florida You Don’t Know” appears monthly. Ruth has two grown children who filled the house with friends, animals, and laughter during their childhood.

Betty Tales is a result of prodding from Ruth’s friend, a teacher, who enjoyed laughing at the antics of Ruth’s little black cat and suggested putting the story in a book to teach children about disabilities.

Ruth would like readers to know that her book has been very well received, with third graders standing and cheering following a reading.

Visit Ruth’s website

Purchase Betty Tales on Createspace


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