Author Blog-In: Inspiring Childhood, Inspiring Life

 Reblogged from: Nadia Riell

Thanks to Kate Policani for including me on this blog tour! Below is a description of what I hope to bring to the lives of readers with my book. I’m pleased to be able to present Inspiring Childhood, Inspiring Life,  as well as other author’s books with this opportunity.

I also invite you to visit my  inspirational stories column at

Happy touring everyone, and happy reading too!

Excerpt from Inspiring Childhood, Inspiring Life – Perspectives on Love, Encouragement and Reaching Potential:

Living life whether you’re growing up, already grown up or also in the role of parenting, is certainly not a perfect science.  There isn’t a “one size fits all” formula to follow in order to achieve success or happiness, yet most of us want to achieve them.

Many times it’s short conversations or a just a few simple words with others, that give us the chance to share joy, success, encouragement and even help with lessons in life.

Those moments are what I had in mind with the collections in this book.  My hope is to offer a simple place to give, get and share inspirations about everyday choices.

The ideas and perspectives on these pages have come through observations, conversations and relationships; also through  diverse experiences, opportunities, trials and triumphs, both personal and otherwise.

If this book helps you to find and share a desire to know love, champion encouragement and seek potential, than it will have done what I’d hoped for in writing it.

Well wishes,

Nadia ~


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