The boss is always watching you

When you work for yourself, you are the boss. But in my case, I have a different boss. She is furry, the Queen Bee of the household, and definitely in charge of me.

Meet Petunia:

editor cat may ten 2013


If I do not pet her, she will dock my pay. She watches me to make sure I am always working and not goofing off.

The boss is always watching!

Hope you enjoyed this fun little post. Remember to pet a cat this weekend! It’s a good, soothing practice before a hectic Monday.

Have a wonderful evening, folks!


7 Replies to “The boss is always watching you”

  1. Rosa,
    I have 2 cats…they will not let me sleep late cause they want their treat in the morning… even tho I haven’t driven a truck now for a few years and don’t have to wake up at 3 AM… the daughter climbs on the bed and walks on me while the mom claws at the bed covers until I wake… after I get up and clean their litter box and give them a greeting and a treat, they either go back to sleep or wait for me to sit so they can sleep in my lap… I love my kids they keep me in a routine.

  2. I know what you mean. Cats can be demanding and sometimes temperamental bosses. We have 15 of them & you can never please them all. It is like the saying about too many cooks. . .

  3. This is so true Missfit one of my kitties is very demanding if I don’t play with her or pay all the attetion that she wants she sure lets me know about it LOL . Love this post and Petunia is adorable. :0)

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