It happened, or did it?

it happened florida bookAt the library today in our Florida room, I found an odd little book titled It Happened by Susie Kelly Dean. I was immediately drawn to this book. The title is very vague, and I found it comical.

What happened? I thought. I must know!

I looked for it online, but I can’t find anything about it on the internet– unless I’ve missed it. Ms. Dean has written two other books, both of which are out of print. It appears this copy of It Happened is one of very few– if there are others left.

I checked the book out and have been reading it. There are a lot of great books in the Florida room at the North Palm Beach Library, but this one is a little strange for several reasons. At first, I thought it was about the woman pictured on the inside cover, a Miss Ohme, who had apparently passed on by the time this book was published in 1971.

There is no blurb with this book to explain its thesis, or what it is that happened. As I read on, I find it is a collection of many things that happened, all of which are true. It reads like a diary, interspersed with cute little poems and, oddly enough, a unique table of contents for each individual chapter. The preface reads:

Persons, places, present, past, anecdotes to treasure.

Reading for your leisure time, time that needs no measure.

Every story very true. Happened just as stated.

Fact, not fancy, you can see, most of them are dated.

Action, thought, and dialogue– static, slow, or speeding.

Conning pages, hope you find

Every tale worth reading.

It’s a fun little book, but I will admit I was a tad flummoxed by it at first. I still haven’t gotten to the part that explains Miss Ohme, but I’m really looking forward to that bit.

Now, as far as I know, this will be one of the few– if not the only –internet pages focusing on this topic. Neat!


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