My books at New Earth Gifts and Beads

I went to my favorite little shop in Palm Beach Gardens the other day, and was happy to learn they’d sold two more copies of Taking 1960. They also mentioned a number of people had picked up my business card. Always good news!

Soon, they’ll have Check Out Time available for purchase as well. Unfortunately, not in time for Christmas. If you live in the area, check it out. New Earth Gifts and Beads is located in the Legacy Place plaza in Palm Beach Gardens, across from Barnes & Noble, and next to Vitamin Shoppe.

new earth gifts


2 thoughts on “My books at New Earth Gifts and Beads

  1. Good luck with your books Rosa! My daughter, who is named Sophia Rosa is 5 yrs old and found your site when she googled her name. You actually look like a grown up version of her!

    • That is so neat! Thank you for sharing that with me. You know what they say, we each have a twin somewhere. Perhaps I have a “little twin”. 🙂 Best wishes to you and your beautiful daughter. — Rosa

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