Maybe I’m only pretending to work

I can take my work wherever I go.
I can take my work wherever I go.

Freelancers, do you feel as if people suspect you of being a layabout? We work just as hard as anyone else to pay the bills, and there’s a lot more to being a freelancer that most people don’t consider.

In a recent forum posting, someone mentioned they felt they received more respect when they called themselves a consultant rather than a freelancer. This struck me as quite interesting. Words have power.

Just yesterday, I received the distinct impression my next-door neighbor believes my boyfriend supports me; I get the feeling she thinks I don’t work at all.

I am wondering how other freelancers feel about this. I wonder if people think we don’t have a “real job”? Not that it matters what other people think, but I can’t help but be curious. In a world where people are losing their jobs every day, I have read recently that more and more people are choosing to be self-employed. How do you think this will change how people view freelancers? Readers, what are your thoughts on this?


2 Replies to “Maybe I’m only pretending to work”

  1. Many people tell me they could never work from home because they don’t have the discipline for it. If they would watch TV all day, then that might be what they think freelancers do. If they’ve ever hired a freelancer and things didn’t go well, then that might influence the way they see all freelancers.

    1. Hi Rosemi, thanks for commenting! I have an approach that works well for me. If I feel that anything might interrupt my work, I just make sure I don’t bring it into the house often. I don’t have a TV for anything but watching VHS tapes, and I only watch DVDs in the evening on my laptop. To top it off, I’m ridiculously disciplined. And it’s true, a lot of people have bad experiences with freelancers, and it makes them think we’re all bad! At least two of my clients had terrible experiences where they paid hundreds of dollars to have their books edited, only to discover the editor did next to nothing and wouldn’t help them any further. I guess we’ll just have to show people that one bad apple doesn’t spoil the bunch! 😉

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