Adventures of John Wooten, World’s Strongest Man, Master of Masters


Congratulations to John Wooten on his latest release. Click here to view the book on Amazon.

From the back cover:

Adventures of John Wooten World’s Strongest Man, Master of Masters is a collection of ten short stories including my autobiography, which introduces the reader to my career and adventures. The collection begins with young John’s introduction to Kung Fu; each story is a different adventure.

In my stories, the World’s Strongest Man is presented as a superhero figure who does whatever he can to help all of humankind, to prevent evil and promote good works.

I would like to share my experiences and life lessons with children, teens, and adults everywhere, to show them that they can accomplish anything with perseverance and fortitude. I hope to entertain as well as show that the possibilities are endless.

As the Worlds Strongest Man, I am the holder of 143 strength records. See my feats of strength on YouTube, under Strongman John Wooten.

View the book trailer below!


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